What is SuFud…?

SuFud stands for ”THE GOOD FOOD”. Food being the primary necessity of Life, we at SuFud bring the ‘good food’ for your ‘good health’ and ‘good life’.

SuFud is our effort to bring to you the goodness of nature in the form of “GOOD FOOD”.

Our rich experience in product sourcing and in depth knowledge of the products helps us to provide the best in class products to our customers which helps us to build long lasting relationships with them.

Our Legacy and who we are…

SuFud is the product of Silver Group. Silver Group was founded in the year 1998 and has a glorious journey in the food grains business so far. Silver Group is the association of people having expertise of around 40 years in food business.

Silver Group’s in-depth knowledge of the product’s varieties and qualities makes it a celebrated name in the food industry. Silver Agro Foods is a sister concern of Silver Group and is run by the third generation of entrepreneurs, we are constantly striving to provide our customers with best in class quality and service. Currently Silver Group has 10,000 + clients in and around Mumbai and other regions.

Our team consists of personals who are experienced and specialists in procuring and providing our customers with ‘Select’ quality products.

Our Quality…

We at Silver Agro ensure that every product of SuFud is rich in quality, high on nutritional value and is delivered to the customers with the goodness of nature. Every SuFud product goes through a cleaning process which we call as “3 step process to goodness”. It involves i. Fumigation ii. Grading/Sorting iii. Cleaning

Fumigation is a process for removal of presence of pests in the food items. Fumigation is a highly specialized procedure and ensures that the food items are protected from any kind of pests.

Food grading involves the inspection, assessment and sorting of food items regarding quality, freshness, legal conformity and market value. Fully automated machines are used to grade and sort food items by size, shape and quality.

Cleaning is the final and the most important process of quality control. Cleaning ensures that the final product is fumigated and sorted properly and each product becomes the good food ...SuFud